Dubuque YP Days of Caring

Volunteers can donate as much time as they wish – from one hour to one day – depending upon their schedules. The most important resource our community has is its people. Volunteers who work, who invest and who care about making a long-term change in the community make it a better place to live, work, play and do business. Volunteers make the projects successful!

To volunteer individually or as group click here

This link will lead to you our Agency page on Get Connected, where we list all our projects as “NEEDS“. You will need to create a login if you don’t already have one. For questions or more information please email ypdoc@dubuquechamber.com.


  1. Do I have to sign in with my Facebook account or can I just sign in with a username and password?
    • You may utilize Facebook if you wish OR you can set up a separate username and password.
  2. Can I register a team on Get Connected or can you only register individually?
    • Yes!  You can absolutely register as a team if you wish.  Click here for details on team registration.
  3. I signed up and now I want to go back and add my teammates, what do I need to do?
    • Click here for directions on how to add/edit teammates.
  4. If I fan Dubuque Days of Caring page, does that mean that I am registered?
    • No, this means you will be notified when Days of Caring posts new needs. You will still need to register for a specific project. Click here for details on project registration.
  5. What if I don’t see the project that I wanted to sign up for?
    • All projects that Days of Caring has received requests for are listed on our Get Connected page. However, if you are looking for a specific agency or don’t see a project listed that fits your needs please email us at ypdoc@dubuquechamber.com and we will do our best to accommodate your request!
  6. What else can I use Get Connected for?
    • Get Connected can be used year round to find many community opportunities! You can search for other needs in our community by agency or interest. It will also track the volunteer hours that you have completed!